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Saturday, July 18


Hi guys.
This is Kallamity latest build, a custom Bellerophon by the series Armarauders 
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This post-apocalyptic-dieselpunk structure made basically by plastic garbage and crap was a commissioned one-month-build to create a good display for Bellerophon toy that I've helped to develop five years ago with a handmade action figure prototype. 
Everything's color with Acrylics, MIG enamel washes. Fishes are photoetched parts "SEA WORLD" by Industria Mechanika 
, birds are modelled by Milliput and water is Prochima.

Bellerophon, the robot, has been modified, above all in the head, feet and other details. I wanted to represent a sor of ancient dismissed lonely Unit.
Basically, the story behind the scene is about an ancient generation Unit but that was extremely dreadful and powerful. His Nickname is Hunter because of his custom rifle.
This unit and his pilot operated their own and after his pilot's death, years before, it was dismissed and left on his refueling platform as a tribute for his myth, as his pilot's last words said.
(Red just because I think has scary idea :)
But…when things went wrong, everything's useful and a new pilot decided to give back life to it, ready to join last battalion.