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Thursday, May 1

ZSU-40-4 Self Propelled Anti Aircraft Gun "Tarsier"

The ZSU-40-4 "Vorishilov"  is a lightly armoured, self-propelled , radar guided anti-aircraft weapon system (SPAAG). The acronym "ZSU" stands for Zenitnaya Samokhodnaya Ustanovka (Russian: Зенитная Самоходная Установка), meaning "anti-aircraft self-propelled mount"; the "40" signifies the bore diameter in millimeters; the "4" signifies the number of gun barrels. Its NATO reporting name is ZSU-40-4 "Tarsier".

Although the "Tarsier" is a modern short-range anti-aircraft weapon, the ZSU-40-4 is still effective for enemy light armoured vehicles, infantry and firing points as an infantry-support vehicle. With its high rate of accurate fire, the ZSU-40-4 can neutralize tanks by destroying their gun sights, radio antennas, or other vulnerable electrical equipment. ZSU-40-4s, especially updated models, have excellent performance and good systems reliability.

The system also boasts four 9M411 (NATO: SA-23) missiles for surface to air operations. The missile has two stages, a large booster stage with four folding fins, which boosts the missile to a velocity of 900 m/s, before falling away. The second stage has four fixed fins, and four steerable control surfaces. 

The 360° rotating turret is fully stabilised and capable of firing on the move. Manual aim is used against ground targets. The 24A40M's multibarreled design creates an intense amount of heat generated by its heavy depleted uranium ammunition. To compensate for the heat the 2A40M is water cooled and can operate in enviroments of -50 degrees C and +50 degrees C. This makes the 2A40M an effective  all environment weapon. An armoured plate inside the turret protects crew members from fire explosive gas as well as intense heat during continuous firing.

The RPK-4 "Kursk" also known as the 2RL90 radar operates in the L band and can detect aircraft up to 20 km away. The radar systems on the vehicle, combined with thermal and night vision optics gives the ZSU-40-4 excellent target tracking capability even in low light conditions. 

32 tonnes

4 (commander, driver, gunner, radar operator)

welded steel,11.2 mm turret, up to 15 mm hull

4 × 40 mm 2A40M chain fed auto-cannons, ammunition 4500 rounds

4 × 9M411 missiles

V-6R, 8-cylinder 6-stroke airless-injection water-cooled 20 litre diesel
280 hp (209 kW) at 2,000 rpm

423 km (road), 275 km (off-road)
44 km/h (road), 22 km/h (off-road)

I modeled the vehicle in Maya and rendered in mental ray with a diffuse, spec and occlusion passes. I used a physical sun and sky node to render the day images and area lights with linear falloff for the night images. I then textured the model and graded the plates in Photoshop. Hope you folks like it. Any questions feel free to ask.

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  1. Alex!! (smashes hand onto Wacom tablet) This is awesome, I love it!!! The "eyes" are a fantastic detail too!

  2. YESS!!! I particularly like the Tarsier operating in theater - It really comes to life in the field. Really nice work, good sir.

  3. great job dude! Love how you illustrated them in action.