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Tuesday, May 27


Hi guys.
Here we go with my latest mech built from scratch.

This project born as a fun build, since from the beginning I really wanted to change original BRIEGEL proportions. This kind of subject is always in progress in my mind and on my workbench.
For this project I really wanted to avoid modeling crazy attention to micro refining process, since it wouldn't be casted, just a one of a kind model, or a sculpture.
As usual I faced this build with mixed media techniques (epoxy putty, styrene sheets, resin parts from my previous resin kit runs, tank/aircrafts plastic parts, metal and plastic cables, option parts and tons of super glue) and it was painted with salt and hairspray technique, airbrush coats, washings, etc..

I hope you enjoy!


  1. Thank you so much, glad you like guys!
    Thomas, yes this is a one of a kind sculpture, well... Yes there is stll someone who sculpt robots by hand :)

  2. when is the Luca Z designed feature film coming out? no one has your vision.

  3. WOW Ben Thanks man, very appreciated! I hope everything's fine there!

  4. all is good, sir. and I'm very serious when I say - when do I get to see a Luca Z movie? the robot world needs what you got.

  5. when do we these sorts of scenario shots for your builds? you know my vfx skills are at your disposal.