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Friday, March 28

Kallamity #1

Hi guys, I'm newbie here:)
I'm so glad to take part on this awesome blog I just hope I'll deserve this honor.

My name is Luca Zampriolo (, I'm a mecha-designer, sculptor, painter and modeler from Italy and I'm focused mostly on…MECHS!
For now I'll post some images from my book ABAKAN 2288, published by Design Studio Press.
I hope you enjoy!


  1. Really love the ones where you incorporate the mech into a real environment. Suspension of disbelief? What disbelief?! This is real! :)

  2. WoW! Thanks so much! Glad you like them!

  3. glad to have you on here, man. You're one of my favorite mecha artists!

  4. Emerson, thank you! You do great stuff anyway..