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Thursday, March 20

Dacosta! - MARCH of ROBOTS!

A little sample of the robots I've done so far for the MARCH of ROBOTS! Instagram Challenge and KICKSTARTER Campaign for my artbook. Come out and join the fun and get your robot on! Hashtag your scribbles #marchofrobots - Back the campaign and spread the word!

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MoR! 14-019 'Chroma-Drone' #targetlocked #lightemup

MoR! 14-018 'MAGNIX' #positronicpokemon

MoR! 14-017 'Starter Mecha' #drivertraining

MoR! 14-012 'T-77' #nostalgia My take on a little piece of my childhood - Rascal Robot

MoR! 14-010 'Soul Guardian' We will not forget! - In remembrance 東日本大震災 'The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake - 03.11.11

MoR! 14-009 'Untitled bot'

MoR! 14-008 "Defensive Stance"

MoR! 14-005 'At the Ready'

MoR! 14-002 'Hirameki' - Inspired by nature

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